About us

Hi there, we're Linda & Bianca. We're two busy Dutch mums and fashion-obsessed besties who now call Sydney our home. 

Dutch Hideout is our colourful treasure cove (otherwise known as a shop) which we enjoy filling with all the fun patterns, pretty prints and any bit of sparkle we can find... life is too short not to have some fun with fashion right! 

Everything is hand-selected by us (we definitely have a shopping addiction...) and you'll find the best smaller Australian brands along with European labels you'll love. 

Please pop into one of our stores and say hi! (we have two shops in Sydney... one in Lindfield and one in Rose Bay). We would love to meet you. 

Happy shopping!!!
Your two dutch girls, 
Linda & Bianca 
P.S this is us when we were young Dutch travellers about 20 years ago!